Why should you have to carry all the gear?

Although it can make for a painfully expensive shopping trip, it’s important that you kit your kids out with the necessary gear.

Unfortunately for parents, outdoor pursuits companies are often loathe to reduce their prices for their kids goods, so it might well be that you could end up spending a lot of money, especially if you’re intent on buying the newest models.

If your kid is in need of some brand new gear, but you don’t quite fancy paying through the nose for it, then you can have a peruse through this handy list of (mostly) reasonably priced gear that will turn even the most civilised of urban kids into true mini-Indiana Jones style explorers:

Amelia Jane’s Fur Pom Pom Hat

Some might well question the efficacy of Amelia Jane London’s fur pom pom hats, especially in a rugged outdoors environment but its’s really quite hard to deny their comfort and warmth.

At £24.00 for a Kids size they are a touch on the pricey side, but it’s important to remember that this is a designer brand. For parents who want to match with their kids, you can buy matching adults versions of all the kids styles.

Deuter’s Kikki Children’s Rucksack

This is the perfect gift for any tiny hiker who wants to carry their own weight and a great way of including your kids in the fun. There’s a mighty 6L capacity in this deceptively high-quality pack, as well as external Velcro pockets, chest straps and a good amount of reflective detail – so it could also double up as a sturdy school bag.

The designs on this piece of gear are extremely eye-catching and at the relatively decent price of £38.74 (at outdoorgb.com) it’s hard to see any downsides.

Quechua’s Arpenaz 50 Children’s Hiking Shoes

It would be a bit of a stretch to refer to these shoes as boots, as they don’t quite have the rigidity to be described as such. What they do have, though, is a sturdy design with tonnes of traction so your little one is less likely to take a tumble when you’re on your next hike.

These shoes probably won’t survive long-distance hikes, but as they’re for little feet, that won’t be too much of an issue. Most importantly, they’re completely waterproof and have handy velcro straps – these are a steal at £9.99 right here.

Spotty Otter’s Explorer Down Chillicub

Finally, we thought it was worth sharing this big ticket item that is currently on sale over at Little Trekkers. The Explorer Down Chillicub might have an odd name,  but it is probably the most effective all-in-one waterproof shell currently on the market.

This suit combines the warmth of duck down with a high-tech, breathable nylon-synthetic that is guaranteed to keep your little ones both warm and dry – until they grow out of it that is. This item is currently on sale at £172.49, down from £229.99, so get it whilst it’s cheap!