Devon offers some real variety in terms of destinations…

…but there’s nothing stopping you taking your rambles abroad, spontaneity is often touted as they key to enjoying life after all.

Here in Devon, we’re spoiled for stunning walking destinations, all easily accessible by car or train. However, there are times when your usual roster of rambles will feel like they’re getting stale and you might need to make a complete change of scenery in order to keep yourself entertained.

But before you hastily book a last minute flight to somewhere exotic with no plan: stop!

The best way of enjoying international rambling holidays on a budget is to plan meticulously. Before you recoil from this necessary planning, don’t be afraid, this doesn’t stop your trip from being spontaneous! As long as you have the idea, plan it and book it within a short space of time, you’ll still be acting spontaneously (albeit with a degree of good sense).

If you make sure to book as much of your trip in advance as possible, then there’s no reason why you can’t afford a quick microbreak away to mainland Europe for a fun ramble.

A few things to remember to book well ahead of schedule:


Even if you’re planning on camping, it still pays to book ahead of schedule. There may be more campsites on offer in Europe, but that doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed a spot in one. Decide on your location, route and destination – then book either campsites or Airbnbs that coincide with your plan.


The best time to book most flights is around 2 months before you leave. This is when deals are at their cheapest and it’s a good point to book anything else that you might need. Avoid booking directly through airlines and try a few price comparison sites, to shop the best deals. Skyscanner can be a useful tool, if you’re not too fussed about when you fly out.

Airport Parking

Us Devonshire folk don’t have the luxury of nearby Airports! If you want to take advantage of the cheapest deals on flights, then the chances are you’re going to have to drive to a major city to catch it (unless you want to spend the money you just saved on more train fares!). If you’re leaving the country for just a few days, then you should look into booking airport parking (this site here often helps) before you go. Save yourself money and get peace of mind at the same time – perfect!

The Best Destinations?

When it comes to deciding on an actual location to go rambling, your limitations really depend on your budget and time allowance. If you’re not too fussed about splashing the cash, then you can consider the high-roller destinations such as Switzerland, Northern Italy and Southern France. However, if you’re looking to do this on the cheap and don’t mind sweating it out in a warmer location, Southern Italy, Spain and Portugal might be better options for you.

Packing Light or Heavy?

This option will depend completely on how comfortable you are travelling rough. Those with big budgets can bring more and leave them at hotels or Airbnbs. However, the true backpacking experience will probably be the cheapest option for the foreseeable future. Free yourself of extraneous gear and pack the basic essentials, to experience a true to life rambling adventure – just make sure you remember your survival gear…

The only thing left for you to do now is find your travelling inspiration and book away: best of luck!