What is Rambling?


Rambling is a fun hobby that is essentially free to do and also doubles as great exercise!

As long as you’ve got the will and determination to keep putting one foot in front of another, then you’ve got the makings of a rambler!

Why should I ramble?

Somewhere between a stroll and a brisk walk lies the perfect rambling pace. Just fast enough to keep yourself moving and slow enough to appreciate the beautiful landscapes that slowly drift by. Rambling is a distinctly British past time that takes advantage of the hundreds of miles of paths that that wind their way through our forest, fields and meadows.

Who is rambling for?

Rambling is a hobby that suits for all ages and abilities. If the route planner is selective with their destination and planning, you can ramble with the whole family. Children can join short distance rambles, it’s also a great way for older people to get exercise and socialise. Make sure that you consider the needs and abilities of all your participants before you plan your first route – your aim is to ensure that everyone can complete the ramble happy and in good health.

How do I start?

This site aims to introduce you to some of the many scenic routes that you can ramble along in Devon, as well as other parts of the UK. We’ll include some helpful tips for beginners as well as links to other sites, so that you can find a rambling group near you to join. Don’t forget: it’s always safer to ramble with a friend!